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15″ Standard Handforged Kit Penny End- Beeswax

These beautiful ‘Standard Handforged Kit’ is traditionally made and forge-blackened with a beeswax finish. An authentic complement the period homes, barn conversions, cottages and for restoration projects. Each kit comes with matching screws to make for an easy installation and with 2 x 375mm steel strap hinges with penny end detail, and one thumb latch set with locking pin. Suitable for interior use. Ideal for Ledge and Brace cottage doors.


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15″ Standard Handforged Kit Specificationn:
· Material: Handforged Iron
· Hinge Length: 375 mm
· Fixing Plate: 127 x 30 mm
· Hinge Arm: 320 mm
· Suffolk Latch Handle Length: 225 mm
· Thumb Bar Length: 160 mm
· Bar Length: 80 mm
· Latch Length: 215mm

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